6 Ways To Show You Care

Relationships are an important part of our life. Be it a friendship, sibling, coworker, your boo or someone you barely know, it is important to spend time nurturing relationships with others. Honor this journey of life by celebrating those around you!

1) Put down the technology!

Too often I have witnessed couples, friends, families stuck in the comfort of their cell phone, tablets, laptops, televisions etc. There is more to the world than these things. While technology is great at bringing us together when we can’t be close, we need to put it up when we are together. I promise you won’t regret putting it away and your relationships will thank you too!

2) Listen with Interest.

For some people (myself included) opening up is not exactly the most comfortable thing to do. When someone you care about is speaking, listen not only with your ears; use your heart as well. Don’t forget to watch your body language! Engaging in actively listening will also show them they matter!

3) Deliver some unexpected happiness.

It is easy to fall into the day-to-day routine that life brings. With those routines we can get stuck feeling uninspired. Inspire someone! Whether you pay for someone in a drive-thru line, share a book with a friend, or leave a note for the one you love. Here are 9 more ways to deliver some unexpected happiness. There are endless ways to think of others. It could be as simple as a kind word or a smile, but try it out. After all, it is the little things that matter most!

4) Tell them how you feel.

Everyone likes being told they are appreciated in one way or another. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. If you are thinking of someone, let him or her know! Show some appreciation for those in your life. If this isn’t a natural thing for you, starting to do so will make it become more of a habit. The world could use a little more appreciation and kindness.

5) Don’t be a “Negative Nancy” (or Ned).

We all go through tough times, it doesn’t mean those around you constantly want to hear about your struggles. For every negative thought, find something positive and share that instead. Our thoughts are contagious and can positively or negatively affect those around us. Before you decide to share the negativity, try to offer someone hope instead. You could make more of a difference than you know.

6) Show some action.

Show up for others. When you tell someone you are going to do something, do it. I understand life gets in the way sometimes but try to be someone who commits to their word. Sometimes this involves hard work, but as they say “ Actions speak louder than words”.

Until the next time…
“Friend, there’s no greater investment in life than in being a people builder. Relationships are more important than our accomplishments.” ~ Joel Osteen

Photo by Lesani Photography

  1. Chestley

    Great advice for anyone.you are a smart lady Sara !!!(-:

    • Thank you! I have a bit of advice every now and then! I hope you keep checking out the articles. 🙂